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Falkbuilt Philadelphia: Sustainable interiors for greener Philadelphia future


Falkbuilt Philadelphia in 2023 is capturing the tristate market by using proven construct on methods to build beautiful, high-performing, and cost-effective environments that are powered by technology. This manufacturer is focused on addressing glass and solid walls in the Healthcare, Education, Government , Hospitality and Commercial verticals with digital component construction.


Peggy Kelly, Board Member of Cornet Philadelphia and co-chair of the DEI committee is leading the charge with her Falkbuilt Philly team to build this message of sustainability in construction. The company, at 2+ years old to date, has completed significant projects with real-estate, design and construction partners in the market while dealing with the challenges presented to us all in the last few years. Falkbuilt's prefab is sustainable construction at a conventional price.


We’ve all heard the statistic: About half the waste in North American landfills is from construction sites. Much of that waste is virgin materials—the remnants of lumber, drywall etc. that are cut onsite and tossed in giant construction bins out front.


Falkbuilt’s prefabricated interior construction components virtually eliminate waste on construction sites, while also speeding the schedule, solving supply chain issues and costing about the same as conventional construction.


Falkbuilt’s components are manufactured in a compact factory in Calgary, Canada, and shipped to job sites all over the world for a fast, clean install, with far fewer materials. Trades emulate the same stick build process as conventional, but in about a quarter of the time and with more efficient use of labor.


As well as less construction waste for the job site, Falkbuilt’s prefab solution minimizes and recycles offcuts in the factory. Falkbuilt uses a 3D laminate, Falkskin, to hermetically seal cladding and MDF for walls and millwork. As well as being more durable and lasting longer than paint or other finishes on a completed project, the leftover offcuts of Falkskin are sent for repurposing into garden hoses and other products. Falkbuilt also donates leftover MDF to local high school industrial shop programs.


The whole process is powered by Echo—technology that empowers industry-standard software like Revit™, creates an engineering accurate model in the cloud and streamlines the flow of information from design to manufacturing to install. Echo eliminates clunky hand offs, ensuring what’s designed is what’s built. Echo is the only construction technology to provide “a single source of truth” for every project, flowing design data to fabrication with zero delays or errors: No one has to translate design drawings into production code.


This game-changing technology isn’t the only thing that sets Falkbuilt apart from other prefab manufacturers. Falkbuilt’s process, Digital Component Construction, emulates the studs and drywall used in conventional construction, requiring far less material than modular prefab and reducing freight costs and emissions as materials are flat packed for shipping. Further, Falkbuilt’s components are designed for disassembly, so they’re easily reconfigured when the end user’s needs change.


With every offsite prefab interior construction project, Falkbuilt and Echo are helping divert significant amounts of waste from landfills across North America and around the world, while also delivering high performance, beautiful space for clients.


The Falkbuilt Philadelphia team proudly supports bringing game changing technology to construction in a sustainable way.   


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Please contact Peggy Kelly for any additional information or questions.